Friday, 4 January 2008

A Time For Reflection

It's been a long time since I last blogged... There are many reasons why I've changed the old blog 'Ad Majorem dei Gloriam' to this new one, however those times are in the past and this is in the now.

I've had an usually long time recently to reflect a lot on my life and my faith; it's not been a comfortable process by any standards. But when your forced to look in the mirror, with eyes not confused by the culture or by what others think, you see things with a certain clarity.

Those who know me know that I am overweight and need to loose a lot (soon). But the thing is, I've known for a long time I was fat, but I never really thought I was. I would look in the mirror and see someone different to what was actually standing there. It wasn't until around a month or two ago that I saw the true me. I was walking down Princess Street in Edinburgh and I turned to look in the window of HMV; I looked in the window and saw my reflection - I nearly died. I'm now (and it's about time) on a diet.

That's the advantage of clarity.Looking at my faith, it's been a bit like looking in the mirror. To stand in front of the mirror and to look knowing only you and God are there isn't much of a comfort. It's like a child knowing he's done wrong being presented before his father. The father looks scare the child, you know without him saying anything that you've done something which not only makes him angry, but it hurts him how his child has chosen to put the standards he was taught to the side. Then the father looks back and simply say's 'I love you, don't it again'. The child then runs to the father, still with tears in their eyes and holds him.

In my life, I'm holding on to God. I'm holding Him with tears in my eyes because I'm happy that he's forgiven me. And there is a consequence, there is a need for penance and that's purifying. Life is lonely without God and you discover that when you reject Him.


Anonymous said...

New blog! :)

Persevere; it's never easy (life, faith, anything!). Hope you're well; God bless.

Liam said...

Great news that you've restarting blogging!