Sunday, 2 March 2008

Our Culture and Us

A woman assaulted at a subway stop in New York City several years ago later recalled the image that will be etched in her mind forever. As she struggled against her assailant, she saw a man on a bench about 100 yards away wearing headphones and happily moving to the sound of a beat — utterly oblivious to the harm she was enduring. (cf

This is one of those stories you hear and it touches you at quite a profound level. Imagine the helplessness of such an experience; being in such need of help, desperately crying out, and yet nobody being able to hear you.

Today, in our culture, we have things going on, which simply shouldn't be going on.

Now imagine being in the situation of a crisis pregnancy. Imagine being gripped by fear because people might not approve of the pregnancy.

The unborn are crying out for help, 200,000 women a year are crying out for help; yet despite being there, like the guy on the bench listening to his music, we are in our culture and we can't hear them.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but it's time we faced up to reality.

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