Thursday, 27 March 2008

Blog Gap

Just to let you know that there might be a blog gap of a day or so whilst I get everything moved down to Suffolk... Please pray for me and for my work here.

Oremus pro Invicem!

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EA Seminarians said...

Hi John Paul,

Welcome to East Anglia - I couldn't find an email address so this is the only way I could see of getting in touch. My parents live in Claydon which is a village on the Stowmarket side of Ipswich and that is where I most often stay during my now. I don't really know Stowmarket parish very well except that my auntie is very happy going there to Mass (and so does Delia Smith :-)) I can tell you though that within Ipswich you will find only entirely orthodox parishes and parish priests - honestly! We are richly blessed. I understand the priest in Stowmarket is very good as well but like I say I don't know it personally. Let's keep in touch, I hope the move goes well and if you need anything let me know. God bless. Michael of East Anglia Seminarians