Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A word from a Father

I had some spare time this evening and I thought I'd use it wisely by having a look at what the Pope has been saying over easter.
I'm a real fan of the Pope... Not just because he's the Pope, as a Catholic I would always have a special reverance to those God chooses in the Petrine Ministry; no i'm a fan because the Pope is such a Father and he writes in a way which moves me in my inner most being.
I have most of his works in my collection and at times I'm moved to tears because of the way he describes Jesus. He brings the Word of God alive in his theology and you can clearly see why our Holy Father values beauty in the liturgy... He certainly gives us beautiful theology.
So in the words of Fr Stan, if you've not got it, get it... If you've not read it, read it... And if you've read it, then read it again!
Here is just a little taster!
We must not allow this light of truth, that shows us the path, to be extinguished. We must protect it from all the forces that seek to eliminate it so as to cast us back into darkness regarding God and ourselves. Darkness, at times, can seem comfortable. I can hide, and spend my life asleep. Yet we are not called to darkness, but to light. In our baptismal promises, we rekindle this light, so to speak, year by year. Yes, I believe that the world and my life are not the product of chance, but of eternal Reason and eternal Love, they are created by Almighty God. Yes, I believe that in Jesus Christ, in his incarnation, in his Cross and resurrection, the face of God has been revealed; that in him, God is present in our midst, he unites us and leads us towards our goal, towards eternal Love.

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