Friday, 11 April 2008

HFE Bill and The Public

Yesterday 'The Times' had as their front page story that the Public supports the HFE bill, thus the scientists had won the debate.

A week ago the Catholic Church in Scotland said 60% of people opposed the bill.

It might be a good thing to take the polls with a pinch of salt and to sit back and reflect seriously on what is at stake.

  • Human-Animal Hybrids
  • Children with no knowledge of who their father is
  • Liberalisation of Abortion Laws and provisions extended to Northern Ireland

These issues deserve much reflection and consideration, but we have to remember what we are doing. The vast majority of the public have no clue what the embryo is, have no clue what the consequences of not knowing genetically who you are, and have no clue that over 20,000 women a year are destroyed by their experience of Abortion and many have lifelong problems and guilt because they know they have ended the life of their child. I wonder how many of the people, questioned in both polls, actually know the hard facts?

When you destroy an embryo, you end the life of another human being - scientific fact! This is not a metaphysical problem or theological position, it's simple science - conception equalls human life. The utilitarian would say, but it's for the greater good and the embryo does not suffer. I would ask the utilitarian, if a family are asleep and because of dodgy plumming they had a CO2 leak and they died, but they didn't suffer, is that OK? Or when someone takes the law into their own hands and ends the life of a person who has caused them pain and likely to cause others pain, but they wont suffer, is that OK?

We have to seriously consider what we are doing!

As for the fatherless state... Well I reccomend a book to you to read about such problems by Dr Alexina McWhinnie, called 'Who and I?'. In the book she has people write about their experience as Donor Sperm children and how the searched for who they were, but couldn't find an answer. Here is a quote from Joanna Rose who is such a child:

'As for me, in the last 10 years I have found three very likely contenders to be my genetic relatives. There have been many other possibilities too. I frequently receive messages from donor offspring, who send me their photo's to ask if I look like them. Who knows who I am related to? I certainly dont'

She goes on:

'For me the emptional and ethical issues that have been raised by trying to track down my genetic family, now thought to be, with half siblings, in their hundreds, carries enormous, and arguably equally consuming effects as having to face infertility itself. But I notice that the pain and the emotional anguish take front stage.'

And the bit which sums this bill up:

'Reproductive technology has embarked on an experiment on me and others. I am one of the guinea pigs, telling you the results of this experiment on me'.

She ends:

'If infertility is to be considered, and responded to, as an objective and lamentable loss, then for reasons of equity and consistency, the mirror image of this loss for the next generation should not then be presented as something to be willingly created and responded to with indifference. Those who do so are either blind to their own hypocrisy, or happy to endorse the creation of a tpye of underclass to serve the utility and desires of others.'

When you consider your position on this bill, think about the countless millions who will be in this position in 50 years time. This bill is not only NOT in the best interests of the child, but it's also sheer macabre curiosity from scientists who see themselves as masters of the universe. When you think of a womens right to abort a child, consider for a moment the child and the woman - don't seperate the issue. Think about the suicidal thoughts, the self harm, emotional punishment, substance abuse and broken relationships they will face as a result of post abortion trauma a NHS recognised problem.

Please write to your MP's make your voice heard, because it's people like Joanna who will be affected. And if you remain silent, it's you who will be guilty of turning a blind eye.

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