Friday, 11 April 2008


Today the BBC reported that a farmer in Devon has caused a bit of a stir in his local village; he plans to open club vanilla (pictured alongside). This isn't any normal club... It's a 'swingers' club!
I did a quick google search about swingers in general (not pictures or anything before you get idea's) and what I found was disturbing.
'Bi-sexual couple seek soft swap', 'Christians for swap' - you get the general idea.
Why am I blogging on this? Well I think this is a deep sign that our culture is in trouble. It's obvious really, and you might say as I often do 'No way sherlock', but it's something we have to tackle and something we are called to challenge.
'Go therefore and make disciples of all nations' cf Matt 28:19. This isn't something we can take likely, the call by John Paul II for the new evangelization isn't simply a thing to get us excited. It's a call from the Holy Church, inspired by the Holy Spirit to go and tell everyone the message of the Gospel and to challenge them to open their hearts to allow Christ to their very being.
'Duc in Altum' John Paul II would often say 'Launch out into the deep'. All to often we are scared to do this, we are scared to mention our faith. We shouldn't be, we should be ringing with joy about the Gospel because it's a Gospel of hope. It's what gives meaning to our lives. Salvation history lies not only in the past but in the present because God is eternal and present in all ages. He does not change, we change, but God is always the same. How many times has someone said 'That doctrine might have been fine in the middle ages but not in the modern world'?
Our bodies are temples of the holy spirit but they are more than that. They are the revelation of the person, our very being. To use them as a simple object is not only harmful for us, and our relationships; it means God has no room to enter and to heal us. It means no to eternal life in the Kingdom of God.
We cannot ingnore the serious situation of our culture today and we must challege Catholics at all levels to take that challenge seriously. Are we willing to do so? And if not, then do we have faith at all?
Moving to another place (which is generally well known for it's liberal attitudes towards sex) and talking to these people about such issues is proof enough for me that it's no easy job. But let us remember with the Church, our faith is built on 'the rock'. We have the truth! The challenge is not to necessarily always tackle the problem, but to tackle the culture in a big way. 'Do not be afraid' was another line from the great pontiff. Let us open the doors of our hearts wide open to Christ; and help others on the road to finding Jesus so that they may be able to do so too.

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