Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Proposing Jesus Christ

Something I've pondered on a lot recently is the words of Pope Benedict in the USA recently. He said a lot last week, most of it (especially in the latter half of the visit) was 'gold-dust'; yet what keeps coming back to me both in prayer and in my reflections is what he said at the interrelgious meeting. He said 'Christianity proposes Jesus Christ.'
I think this is something we all have to reflect on... What does it mean to 'propose' Jesus to the world? Does it mean we ram God down peoples throats? In my own experience and at the cost of some friends around the way, I know that doesn't work.
What works best is actually living, and loving your faith to the best of your ability. Truth is beautiful, and we are attracted to beauty... If we are living our lives in union with God, in a profound relationship with Him, then that will inspire others.
I'm going to be looking at this topic over the next couple of posts, it would be good to get your feedback.

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