Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tony does it again

Well Tony has done it again... Today the Times newspaper was hailing the former PM as the man who is going to save faith from 'rampant secularism' but also unite moderates and doctrinists. Apparently this is Blairs big return to public service.

Interestingly enough when asked questions on contraception and AIDS and about his Catholic faith he managed, as the skilled politician he is, to dodge every single question.

I think any attempt to save faith from rampant secularism is a good thing, but I feel Mr Blairs motives are questionable. He comes into the Catholic faith after giving us one of the worst anti-life governments in living history, he then supports gay rights charities, he wont state an opinion on the HFE bill (because it was his brain child most likely) and yet he calls himself a christian never mind a catholic.

I admire Tony Blair because he's a good orator, and also has the guts to make tough decisions, but if his faith foundation is any reflection on what his own relativistic, cafeteria christianity (never mind Catholicism), then I hope it never takes off as ultimately he will do more harm than good.

In Catholicism there is no right or left; you either choose to accept Church teaching or not. If Mr Blair wants to reject Church teaching then he should have the guts to stand up and tell us and not hide behind the faith which means so much to me and billions around the world.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Blair is but a Modernist, in the Lamentabili Sane sense.