Friday, 30 May 2008

Cultivating a friendship with Jesus Christ

Recently I've been a bit up & down; One minute I'm fine and then I feel as though God has become nothing more than a distant memory. Indeed a friend and I last night were discussing how it would be so easy to go and just live our lives like everyone else does. Just go out, do whatever we want and do all the things that the Church tells us we're not supposed too.

It's interesting really... We think of the Church as a institution rather than as a home, a family, a community of people dedicated to Jesus Christ. But we also forget that the Church isn't some parent wagging Her finger at us, she's the bride of Christ who embodies The Way, Truth & Life of Her spouse. In truth maybe our concept of the Church is sometimes the thing that hinders our discovery of truth and that also means our discovery and friendship with Jesus Christ.

The Pope has said this month that his prayer intention for June will be:

"That all Christians may cultivate a deep and personal friendship with Christ, in order to be able to communicate the strength of His love to every person they meet".

I think the most important thing that the Pope tells us here is that we cannot communicate our faith, unless we ourselves are in union with God himself... It might seem obvious, but I know it's something I and maybe others can forget.

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