Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Speaking to Ourselves

Over the last few days I've been reading Raymond Arroyo's Biography of Mother Angelica. For all his American piety and strange appearance, he's not a bad bloke. I like his Italian Catholicism and I enjoy his strange anecdotes. The book in itself is excellent and what I like most is that it unlocks a previously untold spirituality of Mother Angelica - a women who made me fall out of bed one night because she was so funny. Now that's an accomplishment, a cloistered nun making men fall out of bed, you have to hand it to the old girl.

She basically was talking about baptism and started waving her fist shouting 'I bet all you liberals will be going blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Well blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right back at ya'. It was awesome - I should also mention she was in full roman habbit complete with an eye patch. Possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

In the book, Mother talks about her life, her trials, tribulations and her relationship with God. I hope to share more with you soon, but for now I wanted to share this little quote which I think is a big problem and a hindrance in the modern church and hindrance to the new evangelization.

"If you're close to Jesus in your daily life, you can explain Jesus in a very simple way because your attuned to the living Jesus, the living Gospel. Jesus spoke the language of the people - you could understand; children could understand. Too often, we in the Church talk to ourselves."

That is a 'Key' point for us to think about, it's also totally relevant to the pro-life movement too.

One the aims of this blog is to communicate the faith in a direct way to you, to discuss it and to get something (even in a small way) from it. But it's also meant for those who are thinking about Christ, about who He is and the life He demands and the truth He proclaims.

It's worth remembering that the mission of the Church is about saving souls, we have a duty as members of the Church to participate in the Church's mission in a serious way. It's our duty to propose Jesus Christ to the world and to focus less on speaking to ourselves.

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