Thursday, 29 May 2008

Every Catholic should Evangelize

Interesting from Zenit & I think important to note is one of the spiritual teachings of Opus Dei and which influenced the Second Vatican Council was this whole idea of the universal call to Holiness - we are all called to become great saints. See article here

"The quest for the good of our peoples in all its secular dimensions, and the transformation of the structures of society so that they will be favorable to life, is a task that implies an option for the specific mission of the lay faithful in the midst of temporal realities, a responsible and active presence in the new and old Areopagi, in the cities and countryside, in the peripheries and in the centers of decision-making,"

Just a thought, I wonder as our lives are a liturgy in praise and honour of God, if full and active participation in the liturgy should be understood in this sense, rather than everyone having 'a job' to do at Mass.

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