Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tonight I stayed up to watch the Live House of Commons debate on BBC parliament. I've not felt very well this evening, but I thought that tonight I may be missing history.

Our MP's have voted against a reduction in the upper time limit for abortion. Why? Is it because they believe in choice? No; it's because they believe they will be booted out of office if they vote 'Yes' for a change in this law which has caused some dramatic scenes all over the country.

This picture of a child in the womb at 12 weeks is my response to those protesters who stood chanting and laughing outside the house of commons today. Look at this child; look at what you are doing, what you are participating in. This picture of for all of those who remain silent. This picture is for those who use the word choice and bash people over the head with it.

Abortion, in a civilized society is never right. It's a sign of a failure of civilization, it's a serious flaw in our society. We need a society where there is no longer a need for abortion, not a society that measures itself with pride because it has the right to end human life at will!!

History was made this evening, democracy again failed to protect those most vulnerable children; history was made when our MP failed to protect the 20,000 women who every year are diagnosed with post abortion trauma (which we know about) and who's lives have been damaged as a result of abortion; history was made when democracy failed you and me this evening because that vote told us that we are socially viable humans, not endowed with dignity who should be respected, protected and defended at all stages of our lives.

History was made...

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