Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Gift of a Vocation

Today, a person I consider to be a good friend confided that he had been accepted to study for the priesthood; later I was honoured to be present as he confided in his closest colleagues that he was leaving a job he loved, and a charity he had worked so hard for... It’s not often I see it, but I felt as if I was present when the Holy Spirit came down and dwelt upon our Lord in the river. He, like my friend, was not only receiving the grace He needed to go on, but the grace to quite literally lay down his life; I couldn’t think of a better person that fits the description – a man for others.

I could go on, but I think it’s enough to say how beautiful a moment it was to witness this. It’s amazing how in a special way his ‘yes’ was so like Marys fiat to the angel Gabriel. It takes courage and it takes so much faith to lay your life down. What a gift, to be a shepherd of souls... To bring the Lord, creator of the universe, the cosmos, the sun, the moon and life itself into your hands every day and say ‘hoc est enim corpus meum’ ‘ for this is my body’. I ask your prayers for him and I ask that you remember all those considering, all those living and all those struggling to come to terms with the call the Lord has given them. May our most holy mother look upon them all hold them close in her heart, now and forever – Amen.

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