Friday, 30 May 2008

For the Sacred Heart

Since it's the Feast of the Sacred Heart I wanted to share this picture with you. I remember a retreat once where the priest said that 'the Mass is like entering the Sacred Heart of Jesus Himself.' I've always held onto that statement, it's brought me both consolation and hope, whilst helping me appreciate that Mass is not just a meal, it's not a community gathering, it's not a lovely event. The mass is a meeting point for heaven and earth to come together and a gathering of the Holy Church to be present again at Calvary, when Jesus gave Himself up to the will of the Father so that we might have life.

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Cure of Ars said...

The Mass is beautiful. I always liked this quote about the source of it's beauty.

"Yet the real beauty lies in Jesus’ act of redeeming love: «he showed the depth of his love… he took bread». Here lies the beauty of his gesture. Repeating this action of Christ, and recognising in it her Lord’s love, the Church finds it beautiful. The liturgy’s aesthetic value, its beauty, depends primarily therefore not on art, but on the paschal mystery of love. If art is to collaborate with the liturgy it needs to be evangelised by love. The beauty of a Eucharistic celebration essentially depends not on the beauty of architecture, icons, decoration, songs, vestments, choreography and colours, but above all on the ability to reveal the gesture of love performed by Jesus."