Saturday, 31 May 2008

On their terms

As I have been reflecting these last few days, I've been thinking seriously about the future of the pro-life movement. Many people have responded to me giving me their opinions and I appreciate that. But I would like to explain my view further.

This picture, is the famous hand of God in the Sistine Chapel. It represents a moment, a moment in time yet one that resonates throughout time, one that speaks to us in all of time, in every age. It represents God touching man in the incarnation, when God met man on his own image and on his own terms.

God speaks to us not as some fleeting mystical sensation, but as a person; Jesus Christ. Jesus a Jew, a carpenter, a man of the people went out amongst His people the Jews and spoke as a Jew in the language they understood.

The pro-life movement speaks not only to Catholics, we speak to everyone because everyone because at the root of our message is the inherent dignity of Man and that applies to everyone. Because if we don't we've failed. We've failed those children in the womb, we've failed those women who need our help and we've failed our culture buy not having the gumption or the intelligence to realise that we need to start by not going for positions of power or by trying to be a senior member of the movement, but by working for human life out of Love.

The language we must use is one of Love; unlike the John Lennon's concept of love, our concept is a love which means sacrifice, a love which means the giving of oneself for another. I remember reading John Paul II's writings were he talked about the choice to love in which we take on the others destiny and share in their sadness, but also their joy. That's what we're doing in the pro-life movement, by making the choice to stand up for the unborn, for the women and men tormented by abortion, we're actually sharing in their lives, their destiny and their joy.

That is not a warm fuzzy love, that's true love and love should make us want to meet others on their terms, not simply to convince them that we're right, but to show them that them we are fighting for. Because in fighting for the unborn, the weak, the vulnerable and the oppressed, we're fighting for every single human being; for their dignity and their worth.

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