Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Academy for Life's New Boss!

Benedict XVI named Auxiliary Bishop Salvatore Fisichella of Rome as the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, simultaneously elevating him to the dignity of archbishop.

Archbishop-designate Fisichella, 56, succeeds Bishop Elio Sgreccia, who retired for reasons of age. Bishop Sgreccia turned 80 earlier this month.

The new president was the rector of the Pontifical Lateran University.

This is quite an interesting and exciting development; I have heard a lot about this guy as the rector of the seminary I went to was supervised in his licence in theology by Fisichella - the rector certainly wasn't orthodox in liturgy, theology, or ecclesiology so I'm interested about Fisichella. He also gave the 2008 Scotus Lecture which is an anual academic event at the National Seminary in Scotland... I hope he went back to the Vatican and told them to sort it out.

I am assured that he's sound though, there is just a niggle at the back of my mind which is worrying me.

His assistant at the Lateran is a Scottish theologian and Priest (who's name escapes me) from Aberdeen who is a former presbyterian minister and he met Fisichella when he was learning English in Aberdeen (strange place to learn English); the story goes that Fisichella asked him to come and study for Rome and he did...

I also have a personal interest in terms that it's now the pontifical academy for Life who could do a lot more in terms of bioethical research and academic discussion.

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