Sunday, 22 June 2008


Following Marks post over at
Rise & Pray about being tired, I too am feeling tired however I'll be keeping the blog up. I'm going to be away as of the 1st of July in Lourdes doing my stage for 3 weeks so I'll not have much time to blog. Plus I'm not sure of weather I approve of too much internet access on retreats and pilgrimages - surely part of the point is to give up some of that connection with the wider world and go on retreat.

Also this year is a very special year... I'm making my engagement for the hospitalite de notre dame de lourdes after 5 years of service. It's basically my lifelong commitment to live in the spirit of the Hospitalite and to live my life in the way our Lady asked us to do in Lourdes. Also it's a lifelong committment to going to Lourdes (every year)and helping the sick and disabled.

I ask you all to pray for me... My engagement is on the 9th of July so please keep the date in your diary...



Anonymous said...

I'm sure you never intended the pun, but it is an interesting term to use after talking about Love letters.

I too saw Sex and the City on Friday; it was alright actually, and I had fun, but there was some gratuitous stuff that really wasn't necessary.

Many prayers,

Mac McLernon said...

God bless, JP. Have fun too, and say one at the grotto for your blogging buddies. We'll be praying for you too!

John Paul said...

Haha... Hilarious.

I enjoyed it I have to say but I couldn't help feel sad at the amount of cultural nonsense that was going on which was just 'approved' of. But as JPII and now the Extraordinary Holy Papa Benedict has said 'never loose hope'.

Thanks Mac, I of course will be praying for all of you... I love going down to the grotto just after the torchlight for adoration. Also when they move the Blessed Sacrament to the crypt on top of the Rosary Bascillica, it's great to just spend time in prayer and end the day in one of the few remaining beautiful churches in Lourdes.

John Paul said...

Oh plus a few drinks too as is customery in Catholic Ibiza (i.e. Lourdes) ;-)

Fr PF said...

9 July = Feast of Our Lady, Mother of Holy Hope. I'll be praying for you.

John Paul said...

Thanks Fr, it's good to know I have some 'high' prayers on that day, both from our lady and your good self.