Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dominus What?

Got this picture from the Summorum Blog which has been set up in Finland to encourage the use of the Extraordinary Form.

It's interesting this 'take off' of the old rite in Scandinavia. I remember visiting my sister in Nordkapp, Norway. It's the most Northern point of Europe and Mass is celebrated once a month on a port/fishing town in Honningsvag. The priest was very reverent, said most of the prayers in Latin, and insisted upon kneeling for communion. I really enjoyed myself, and I did feel as though I had gone to Mass. Yet one important note - the faith in Norway, Finland, Sweden and all those places is virtually non-existent. The Catholic Communities are tiny at best with a few scattered communities were Mass is celebrated for maybe 3-4 people at a time.

Even though liturgically orthodox, the faith is not impacting in the everyday life of the people; it's not that these vikings don't care either. I've had many a heated discussion over politics, social reform, religion and so on... They are hungry for truth. Scandinavian people are passionate by nature and yet the Church is not tapping into that.

Yes, it's vital we get the liturgy right, but at the same time the every day person on the train or person in the office sitting next to you won't understand 'Dominus Vobiscum', but they will understand and notice someone who is living a life of faith, and that witness and willingness to share the faith in all levels of the Church; from the pope, bishops, priests, religious and laymen all living that life and proclaiming the truth(along with reverent worship)will save souls, not the liturgy alone.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, old bean. Neither liturgy, nor holy priests, nor zealous lay people burning with meek charity, nor anything else is going to save the world. Jesus did that already. Everything else is merely an instrument.