Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day...

First off I woke up late, then I had to get a piece of work done but was bombarded by people calling asking silly questions. Recently I've felt my work being of a lesser standard than normal; my writing isn't the same, my idea's are dull. It's really starting to bug me.

I then had to buy a present and a card for my sisters birthday, then I went to the gym and after that I proceeded to hand in the gift to my sister only to get a fair amount of abuse from my 3 year old niece who reminded me she doesn't like munchies.

On the journey home I had to listen to BBC Suffolk as all the Radio stations seem interested in after 7pm is dance music and I listened to some twat going on about re-incarnation saying that the reason some of us find an interest in the titanic is because of the fact we probably drowned in the incident itself. He then told some poor woman from Ipswich that not seeing the 'spirit' of a loved one is a good sign and that our shells (i.e. bodies) are thrown off and truly given back to mother earth.

I then messed up cooking dinner as I had accidently bought a mixture of mexican and italian so my chilli steak and rice with garlic was somewhat of an adventure on the pallet. I had to then endure the apprentice which wasn't to bad really. But then I sat down to watch 'Kingdom of Heaven' - enough said.

Let's hope today is better.

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Anonymous said...

I hope today's better too. Bad days are seeming a common occurrence. :(