Wednesday, 18 June 2008


More from the telegraph on the post I published at the weekend about an Anglican Priest blessing a gay civil partnership.

The Bishop has responded by waving his Mitre rather than addressing the profound moral problem... I admire him for standing up the the renegade priest and for pointing out that charging to get into a Church is simply not on; but I do not see why Bishops feel scared to stand up for what the Christain faith teaches which is that this type of civil union between two men is wrong. All the bishop has done has clubbed his priest over the head with his Staff and failed to provide any moral leadership.

I think this is a problem in the Catholic Church today as well as in Anglicanism. It seems that Bishops seem more concerned about waving the Staff in governance but less so in teaching and santifying. I don't apply this to all bishops, but I would say a good majority are like this. It shows a real poverty of spiritual fatherhood and real lack of leadership.

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