Saturday, 7 June 2008

Mad Trad & Facebook

I notice recently how many people are adding me as a friend on facebook recently. I really like facebook; it's easy to use, you can go on it when you want too and some of the groups are frankly hilarious!

The most recent group I joined was the Catholic Coalition Against liturgical Dance ;) I;m sure some strange members of the clergy will be nodding their biretta's to that; Maybe there should actually be a group for that (ban nodding birettas in public as I think frankly it's a little sad), however my personal favourite has to be the Drunken Text Appreciation Society.

If anyone is on facebook, feel free to say hello!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Obviously you know I am there....

Wondering if you wouldn't mind telling all your Edinburgh/Lothian/Fife friends about a pilgrimage for St Margaret on June 21st.

More details on FB (naturally), here.

Thanks, and God bless,