Friday, 6 June 2008

Brave Post

Fr Tim has put up a Brave post on his blog about some recent SSPX activity in Lourdes.

Two comments. First off the video of the Mass is particularly beautiful itself. Really moving to watch and the singing was first rate. Second point would be that the SSPX are out of communion and the reason the Papa Stromsay Redemptorists pulled their students out of the SSPX Seminary was that the rector of the seminary frequently discouraged the students from seeking communion with Rome, and encouraged them to form a splinter group and come away from their community.

I think feeling the pain of disunity should and is rightfully felt amongst many in the Church, however think some of what is implied at times is that it's the Church herself who wont stand shoulder to shoulder with the society, whereas Bishop Williamson has showed no signs of backing down from his 'Silly' comments. The society seem hellbent on trying to get the Church to refute Vatican II and that WILL NEVER HAPPEN, and in my mind should never happen.

The Church in my own opinion needs to clearly state, what it is we need to do with Vatican II and how best to understand it. And yes, the liberal element of the Church who frowns at the SSPX needs to understand the hurt that societies like these feel. I remember being a seminarian wanting to cry as I was seeing the Church I loved being destroyed before my very eyes, I think it's understandable they did, what they did, but certainly not right

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Ottaviani said...

I think a better term is "partial communion" or "not in full communion". It's used for by various ecumenically minded churchmen for Protestants and non-Christians (who really are not in communion at all). I don't why they can't use it for the SSPX.