Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Where's Your Evidence?

Where's Your Evidence? What Science can and can tell us in the Abortion Debate is a new series of blog entries from LIFE.

This is an important contribution and it's important everyone takes the time to have a read over these; so often pro-lifers go down the 'it's wrong to have an abortion route' without having sufficient reasonable data to back this up other than their religious convictions. If you care to go through the history of the blog there is also a fanastic series on embryonic research and that explores some of the general myths surrounding the topic. It's a breath of fresh air really as it is not your usual pro-life 'everyone is against us' blog, it uses reasonable language and is addresses some of the topics not normally covered by other organisations such as conscience, causality, relationships and a recent post on Euthanasia.

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Roses and Jessamine said...

May I draw your attention to this petition to HM the Queen to withhold Royal Assent to the HFE Bill: