Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Go out and 'Hug' one another...

Is the message from the new present new president of the Pontifical Council for the Family.

The Pope has been impressed with the 71-year-old prelate's statements on the family which have made him almost a household name in Italy. In January Cardinal Antonelli issued a "decalogue for the family" in which he gave 10 tips for a lasting and fruitful marriage and a happy home. Italians were shocked to see they included advise to both husbands and wives never to stop making themselves attractive to each other.

He also said couples should find the time to cuddle each other and to pursue common interests. "Make yourselves lovable by grooming yourselves and paying close attention to your personal appearance," the cardinal said.

"Above all, show respect and tenderness towards the other through words of appreciation and of gratitude, smiles and glances, caresses, gestures of affection and appropriate gifts." The advice came in one of three letters to Catholics in Florence that the cardinal has written on the subject of the family this year alone.

Full article in The Catholic Herald

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