Sunday, 8 June 2008

Deaf Mass

Tonight I had the misfortune of going to the 'Deaf Mass'. It was all just appalling. The priest made his own version of the Gospel. He signed the whole mass and homily which I find quite impressive really, however at the consecration he didn't hold the Host when he pronounced the words of consecration. He then just held up the Host.

I don't see the need for sign language at the Mass, I really cant understand why when we have a printed Missal there is a need to actually sign the words; fair enough I cant understand it for the Homily, but not the full thing.

I'm sick fed up at the moment, I can't get a decent mass anywhere without going to the FSSP. The thing is, I shouldn't need to go to the FSSP. I thought the Church was meant to be CATHOLIC, not the liberal Church or the Trad Church or the Tridentine Church of the Clown Church. The one place that was an anchor in the world was the Church, and now I'm afraid that unless your in a good diocese or in Rome, then that doesn't hold true for anyone. The thing is too, is when you go to the FSSP or even for the guys I know who go to and serve the Latin Mass in the Ordinary form in Glasgow, your name becomes mud in the diocesan Church. The whole thing is a complete joke.

I don't like banging on about the liturgy, but when people stupefy the Mass it's insulting and it makes mass intolerable.


Anonymous said...

Touché, mon brave; touché.

I have no advice to offer, though!

And apparently my name is mud now anyway, because I'm a strange trad-going Trad.

What a load of pants. :-(

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I agree, what part of Mass is supposed to be a mystery do people not get?

MaggieClitheroe said...

I've started learning sign language recently, with my son and some other home-schoolers, and have been enjoying it. But whilst becoming more aware of it, and consequently the needs of deaf people, I began to realise how wonderfully inclusive the Tridentine rite was for deaf people, since no-one can hear the canon! Yes, there's nothing worse than a 'dumbed down' Mass, with unnecessary explanations.

John Paul said...

Completely agree...