Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Do we will it?

I was having a look at Fr Ray's blog yesterday and I was struck by one of his posts about Catholic Schooling and the general breakdown of the Catholic School being linked to a breakdown not only in bishops and priests preaching the faith, but also a breakdown in the family, the very structure of the family and it's important role in Salvation. One of the visiting priests thought it might be a problem with convert clergy not having the experience of a Catholic Family itself, something I would completely reject.

But I think it's a lack of understanding the role of a Mother and Father. Their job for their children is to make sure they do everything possible so that their children get to heaven, likewise in a relationship; for those who we love we should want to help each other get to heaven. I think every family wants their child to be good, but I'm not sure they believe there is anything other than heaven, does the question about hell ever come into it?

If we truly 'will' our children and our friends and families to get to heaven, we must first of all will it for ourselves. That means we truly form our children and those around us with a faith that carries substance, that gives our children a formed conscience rather than a blank slate and that inspires them with our own desire to get into heaven.

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