Thursday, 19 June 2008

Pope Annoyed with the Bishops...

... Is the latest rumour from Holy Smoke. It's no real surprise to be honest, I would just love to hear what the Pope actually thinks.

As I said yesterday, bishops are only to happy to hit you over the head with their 'pastoral' staff in terms of implementing their latest 'action plans', but when it comes to the implementing the will of the Holy Father then there is silence, reluctance and they suddenly disappear - you cant even find them in their own Cathedral!

When are we going to get Bishops who stand firm for the faith and not their own agenda?

I like Damien's summary of the deputy editor of the tablet's reaction to what Cardinal Hoyos had to say:

The Tablet isn't out yet, but I can't wait to see how it reports the latest development. Normally, the Bitter Pill plays down news that it doesn't like - and boy, you should have seen the thunderous features of its deputy editor Elena Curti at the press conference! She practically performed a (liturgical) dance of rage. If only I had thought to capture it on my mobile…


Fr Richard Aladics said...

My opinion of the "Holy Smoke" Blog is that it lets the voice of Satan into the Church. Its editor writes on controversial topics and then publishes all sorts of angry and cynical comments from his readers. "Holy Smoke" is not going to help build the New Evangelisation.

John Paul said...

I agree with you that he probably should write about something else (other than the liturgy). However I think it gives a necessary public vent for those who are genuinely dissapointed in their Bishops.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

JP, it isn't that "Holy Smoke" focusses on Liturgy, or on any subject in particular, but that it is a forum for cynical attacks on the Church. If people are genuinely dissapointed with their Bishops then they will approach them in a proper manner and, in any case, they will seek to put God first. Any Blog which is concerned with the life of the Church must endeavour to direct people towards truth and not towards a culture of cynicism.
"Holy Smoke" opens the door towards fallen human nature and not towards the Life of Grace. It is not in any way a useful commentary or witness to the needs of the Church today.

Ottaviani said...


I think the only thing that did let the voice, or should I say 'smoke' of Satan, into the church was the destructive reforms of Paul VI. While weeping over the auto-demolition of the church, he gave permission and consciously allowed the destruction in the liturgy, catechises, morals and obedience to go unabated.

The only good thing that came out of Paul VI was Humanae Vitae and Credo of the people of God (the latter not even written by him).

If you want to know the reason, why there is some many people polarised against each other in the church - look no further than to Paul VI.

John Paul said...

I think it wasn't so much Paul VI as it was the culture of the time.

And Fr I don't agree that it's cynical attacks on the Church. Many people do approach their bishops and get nowhere... They often get a smile and don't get listened too.

What else are the meant to do in order to get their 'pastors' to listen?

Many people (including me) have been witness to the Church being pulled down before our eyes. I had to go to seminary to see how bad it really was and yet when we complained we were told to shut up. Something has to be done, yes in a manner of love, but something nonetheless.

Ottaviani said...


The culture of the time has always been against the church. There has never been a 'perfect time' for the church to flourish. Just look at the French Revolution and Pius VII or the Italian Risorgiamento and Blessed Pius IX. The difference between those Popes and Paul VI, is that they stood up to the evils and did not back down. Paul VI, on the other hand, thought he was above Tradition and decided to dismantle it, in order to appear more chummy with the world (it is only a miracle that he did not change the teaching on birth control as well, but such is the power of the Holy Spirit!).

We need more prayers and sacrifices for Pope Benedict. No body will save us, if he doesn't do it. But there is a ray of hope, as Cardinal Hoyos said in his sermon on June 14th:

In response to the prayers and sufferings of so many people in these past four decades, Almighty God has raised up for us a Supreme Pontiff who is very sensitive to your concerns. Pope Benedict XVI knows and deeply appreciates the importance of the ancient liturgical rites for the Church – for both the Church of today and for the Church of tomorrow.

And long may he live!!!

Fr Richard Aladics said...

There are two issues here: one is the value of the "Holy Smoke" Blog and the other is concern about our Bishops. I have been speaking about HS. In the matter of the Bishops Blogs are no way forward - especially on the eve of the feast of the great rebel bishop St John Fisher. He points the way forward. St John Fisher, pray for the Church in Britain today, and on your feast day we look to your example.